1. *Q: Which Grades do you tutor.*

A: 10 , 11 & 12 

2. *Q: Which subjects do you offer*

A: Only Mathematics and Physical Sciences

NB: No Mathematical Literacy lessons offered

3. *Q: Which days and times are the lessons.*



Gr 10 & 11 (16:00-17:30)

Gr 12 ( 17:30-19:00)


GR 10 (10:00 -12:00)

GR 11 (12:00 -14:30)

GR 12 (14:30 - 17:00)


4. *Q: How much do you charge for lessons*


Both Mathematics and Physical Sciences

-(R350 per month)

Mathematics only 

-(R200 per month subject to increase to R250 from August 2024)

5. *Do you offer online classes.*

- We only have contact classes, 

online classes were cancelled due to high stages of Loadshedding which affected the the effectiveness on the live lessons

6. *If I join on the 20th of the month, am I required to pay full price?*

A: Yes, alternatively you can join the following month.

7. *Q: I can only attend on weekends, but I am willing to pay the full price, can I also join?*

A: No

8. *Q: What's your physical address*


62/8146 Gelderblom Drive

Windmill Park Ext 18



9. *Q: Do you do one-on-one lessons*

A: No.

10. *Q: How are the lessons organized.*

A: We follow the Department of Education curriculum, everything is conducted according to Annual Teaching Plan (ATP)

11. *Q: How do I know if the lessons are really effective?*

A: The lessons are planned such that even slow learners can also adapt.

You can also ask learners who are part of the programme to give you their reviews.

Everyday is important, if a learner can only attend on weekends, then this is not the program they should consider joining. 

12. *Q: How do I pay*

A: Both Cash and EFT are accepted

13. *Q: What is the registration fee?*

A: No registration fee for 2023.

NB: The registration fee for new members will be R100, effective in January 2024.